Pet Friendly Lodges in Scotland

Looking for lodges in Scotland dog friendly with Hot Tubs?

Greetings, pet parents! Fancy a wee break to the bonny heart-land of mystic lochs, oodles of tartan and haggis? Well, us too! But we ain’t leaving behind our four-legged pals, now, are we? No sir, Scotland’s more fun with them! Lets start to find the best pet friendly lodges in Scotland.

Get ready to yomp across rolling greens, climb majestic mountains, and sniff out the freshest Highland air—all without having to leave your pooch behind.

Merry Scottish Lodges that Love Your Pets (Almost As Much As You Do!)

  1. Eagle Brae, Inverness-shire: Luxurious, eco-friendly log cabins nestled in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, offering splendid isolation and miles of creature sniffing.
  2. Portnellan, Loch Lomond: Lakeside luxury in the shadow of Ben Lomond. Fancy outdoor grilling stuff while your dog plays fetch? Sorted.
  3. Harvest Moon Holidays, Dunbar: Sandy beach bordering your wooden treehouse, anyone? And that’s even before the delights of exploring their private forest.

Remember, though—give ’em a ring before booking, to check their pet policies and any additional costs.

Pet Friendly Lodges in Scotland Let You Smoke with Yo’ Mates!

Now, for the part that won’t earn you a yellow card meme, if you catch my drift! While the larger trend veers towards smoke-free spaces, some do offer designated ‘smoking corners’ or allow smoking in private outdoor areas attached to your cottage. Best to check their policies while booking. After all, a holiday’s to do what you fancy, isn’t it?

Lodges with Bathtubs to Soak in the Bonny Highland Views

Fancy a soak after a breezy saunter ’round the loch? Agreed! Plenty of lodges offer this luxury. Find pet friendly lodges in scotland with hot tubs and Some highlights include:

  1. The Green House, Glenelg: Besides a bathtub, it offers stunning views of the Skye mountains. Soak and sigh!
  2. Eagle Brae, Inverness-shire: Kick back in a hand-carved wooden tub while spotting the occasional red deer or golden eagle.

Pet Friendly Lodges in Scotland with Pools to Take a Wee Swim

You might want to take a few laps or indulge in some splashy shenanigans. Here are a couple of lodges that offer fabulous pool services:

  1. Moness Resort, Aberfeldy: Handily located in central Scotland, Moness sports both an indoor pool and an outdoor hot tub. Aye, perfect for the Scottish weather!
  2. Crieff Hydro, Perthshire: With two indoor and one outdoor pool, this one’s got ample space for you and your dog to play fetch. Watch your dog turn into a water-loving otter!

Pawesome Pet Friendly Places in Scotland

Is your pup your perfect partner in crime for adventuring the gorgeous glens of Scotland? Wondering where you and your furry friend can stay the night without being parted? Then you’ll want to check out these top pet friendly lodges the locals love.

Pet Friendly Cottages in Scotland: Canine-Approved Cottages

A bunch of wee traditional stone cottages dotted around Luss Village on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. Got snacks and beds for pups as well as cozy fireplaces for chill nights in. Proper dog-daft owners too who’ll give your pooch a fuss.

Castle Kibbles

For something extra grand, this old pile in Aberdeenshire does puppations. Your dog gets their own doggy deck with views of the countryside to explore. Even a bowwow bar in the bar! Humans get lovely livings with log fires too. Right posh but doesn’t cost a pretty penny.

Ruffin’ It In Rural Retreats

Loadsa B&Bs and farmstays out in the sticks that are sound as a pound with pets. Tons of space to run, sheep and chickens to herd. Bring your wellies – mucky pups get a wash! Proper countryside experience for you and your best bud.

Luxury Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottages in Bonnie Scotland: A Posh Paws Guide

How do you fancy a decadent getaway in the Scottish landscapes with your pet pooch? We’re talking roaring log fires, cosy tartan blankets, strolls across misty lochs, and lazing in luxury cottages that welcome your best mate with open arms. Spectacular, we say!

Lap up the Luxury: Dog-Friendly Cottages in Scotland

  1. Tigh Na Leigh, Perthshire: This 5-star beauty, originally a Victorian doctor’s house, is now a haven for pet parents after a life of luxury. Terms and conditions do apply for our furry friends, but trust us, they’ll be having as grand a time as you.
  2. Kirkstone Lodge, Inverness-shire: An upmarket blend of tradition and contemporary chic, this lodge astonishes with a sauna, hot tub, and glorious mountain views. Oh, and they love dogs!
  3. Balbinny, Angus: Swish interiors meet über-comfortable surroundings, this is a luxury holiday gem! Your dog gets to roam the spacious, lush countryside. Isn’t that pawsome?

Remember to ring up the property, have a chat about their pet policies, and any extra charges, prior to booking.

Enjoy a Smoke in the Scottish Wilderness

Lighting up a pipe and having a thoughtful gander at the Scottish valleys does sound inviting, right? While most luxury cottages opt for a non-smoking policy indoors, they’re often fine with a smoke in the gardens or patio—a decent compromise, we reckon! Always ask in advance to avoid any hiccups.

Pamper Your Senses: Hot tubs and Pools in Luxury Cottages

pet friendly lodges with hot tubs
pet-friendly lodges with hot tubs

For those looking for a topping spa-like experience on their getaway:

  1. Garden Cottage at The Torridon, Ross-shire: This luxury dog-friendly cottage offers an exquisite freestanding bathtub, perfect for lazing the evening away with a glass of Scottish malt.
  2. Cosaig Self-Catering, Borders: Not only does this offer a gorgeous bathtub, but an outdoor hot tub for you to unwind after a day of adventuring with your pooch.

As for swimming pools, they’re a rarer find in cottages, but fear not! Scotland’s natural springs and lochs are a refreshing and exciting alternative for a brisk swim! Remember to keep an eye on your furry swimming mate though.

So, what say you, mate? Let’s give the city lights a miss for the glittering Scottish starlight. These dog-friendly luxury cottages are arguably the best way to enjoy the allure of the Highlands.

Plush surroundings, breathtaking views, comfort for your pet, and an occasional smoke—now that’s a holiday to remember! Pack up your suitcases (and a couple of dog toys)—the Scottish shores await both of you!

From exploring ancient forests to discovering legendary lochs to just cuddling in a cosy corner, Scotland is a treasure trove for holiday-making pet-parents.

If your pal loves sniffing around new places as much as you do, Scotland is your bag. Is it extra work to find pet-friendly lodges complete with hot tubs and pools, and that allow a bit of smoke? Just a touch. Is it worth it? Every bit.

Will your dog love you more for it? Better believe it, mate! So what’s keeping ye? Scotland’s waiting, and so is that splendid holiday!

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