Pet Friendly Hotels in Blackpool

Unleash Comfort: Top Pet Friendly Hotels in Blackpool, UK

Hey there, pet parents! If you’re planning a getaway to the seaside town of Blackpool and can’t bear to part ways with your furry companion, we’ve got you covered. Trust us, the “No Dogs Allowed” sign will be the last thing you’ll see on this trip. So, pop the kettle on, sit back and let’s get you both on a fabulous vacation!

Why Choose a Pet friendly Hotel in Blackpool?

Blackpool, the Pearl of Lancashire, with its piers, Pleasure Beach and stunning beachfront, is a joy for all, including your tail-wagger. And we’re not just talking walkies on the beach or chasing seagulls. The good news is, this merry ol’ town is teeming with pet friendly hotels that welcome your fur baby with open arms (or should that be paws?). Choosing one means you don’t have to worry about leaving your bud behind in kennels or with sitters. Plus, you’ll have the best company to explore this vibrant town with.

Top Pet friendly Hotels in Blackpool

Cheers to hotels that understand our love for our pets! Here’re some absolute corkers for you:

  1. The Big Blue Hotel: Right next to the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, this one’s a solid bet. It’s not just the location but the top-notch amenities and plenty of stared-at-the-sea-till-we-fell-asleep spots for you and your pet to unwind.
  2. Number One, South Beach: Fancy a bit of luxury? Look no further. The triplex rooms here mean there’s plenty of room for your pet. Plus, the stunning views of the ocean and mouth-watering breakfast are the tops!
  3. Mode Hotel: This stylish, modern hotel in St Annes offers an incredible experience for you and your pet. With the beach just a stone’s throw away, your early morning or late evening strolls just got an upgrade!

We recommend always giving the hotel a ring before booking, to check on any specific pet policies or fees. But don’t worry—these places love pets as much as you do.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pet friendly Hotel

Alright, we’ve sorted you a list, but there’s much more to picking the perfect pet friendly hotel. Here’s what to bear in mind:

  • Know the Policy: Each hotel has its own pet policy. Some might charge extra, others limit the size or breed.
  • Location: Are you close to parks, beaches or open spaces? Your pet will appreciate it!
  • Check the Amenities: Does the hotel offer pet beds, bowls or doggy menus? The little extras can make your stay more comfortable.

Blackpool’s Pet friendly Attractions

Blackpool is chock-a-block with things to do, many of them pet friendly. The most obvious one is taking a walk along the beach, splashing about, and enjoying the salty air. Stanley Park is ideal for a picnic and to let your dog stretch its legs. And don’t forget, dogs on leads are welcome on all Blackpool trams!

Pet Friendly Hotels with Bathtubs in Blackpool

Pet Friendly Hotels with Bathtubs in Blackpool
Pet Friendly Hotels with Bathtubs in Blackpool

You might fancy soaking in a hot bath and enjoying a relaxing evening with a good book (or a chihuahua on your lap!). Or, you could be someone who likes to relish a smoke in the comfort of your hotel room. These preferences play a critical role in choosing a hotel, right? So, let’s get straight into answering your questions and ensuring you and your pet have a smashing time in Blackpool!

The good news is, Blackpool does have several pet friendly hotels that offer an indulgent soak. Here are a few corkers:

  1. Number One, South Beach: Besides being super pet friendly, it boasts an en-suite whirlpool bath where you can soak your cares away.
  2. Imperial Hotel Blackpool: Not only is this Victorian hotel pet friendly, but their rooms also feature bathtubs for you to enjoy a relaxing soak.

Smoke Free Pet Friendly Hotels in Blackpool

As for enjoying a smoke, here’s the rub: most pet friendly hotels, including the ones we listed above, have gone smoke-free. This means that while they’ll welcome your furry friend with open arms, you can’t light up inside your room or within hotel premises.

It’s mainly to ensure a comfy stay for all guests, protecting those who might have allergies or are more sensitive to smoke. Not to worry, though, many hotels offer designated smoking areas, away from the main premises, where you can enjoy your smoke undisturbed.

Hotels that Allow Both Pets and Smoking

Unfortunately, hotels that welcome both pets and smoking are few and far between, if any. We’d recommend focusing on the pet friendly bit, then scout around for accommodations either with designated smoking areas or locales where you can enjoy a smoke in peace.

Remember, always ring up the hotel and ask about their specific policies. It’s better to clear the air (pun intended!) before making any bookings.

In conclusion, while you’ll find a lot of pet friendly hotels with bathtubs in Blackpool to unwind, the smoking bit takes a bit of scouting. But never fear! With a bit of planning, you can experience a restful holiday with your four-legged mate while respecting the comfort of other guests.

To Wrap It Up

Choosing a pet friendly hotel in Blackpool means you don’t have to choose between a great holiday and your pet. It lets you experience Blackpool’s warm and lively spirit without worrying about your furry pal feeling left out. So why hold back? This holiday, let it be about sun, sea, sand and happy wagging tails at the back of your family selfies.

So, now that you’re all clued up, ready to pack those bags (and a few chew toys for the journey)? Your perfect pet friendly escape to Blackpool awaits!

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