Jack Russell Puppies for sale in UK

Ideal for families with children over three or four, this energetic canine makes an excellent addition. With a zest for adventure, it’s important for their family to share the same spirited nature. Keep in mind that Jack Russells can easily become bored, so a household that can provide ample attention is ideal. Looking for Jack Russell Puppies for sale in UK in Jack Russell puppy breeders in scotland, england, wales, northern ireland, london, norfolk, devon, cornwall, UK.

Jack Russells for sale – Price

Jack Russells for sale in UK
Jack Russells for sale in UK

For those determined to bring home a Jack Russell puppy, be prepared to pay between £800 and £2000 when purchasing from a breeder. The cost of a puppy is influenced by various factors such as the breeder’s reputation, the pedigree of the puppy, and its type of coat. Browse other puppies too.

What are the three varieties of Jack Russell Terriers?

The Jack Russell terrier has three coat variations: smooth, broken, and rough (consisting of coarse, longer straight hair). All these types of coats have a tendency to shed. Additionally, Jack Russells are typically white with black or tan markings.

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