Top 15 Petting Farms in UK

Well, hello there, animal lovers! Fancy a day out cuddling cute critters and learning more about our feathery, furry, and frisky farm friends? Whether it’s stroking soft bunnies, feeding curious goats, or admiring the charm of the countryside, petting farms are the bee’s knees. Our ultimate guide to the top 15 petting farms near me in UK will ensure you and the kiddies have a blooming good time!

1. Pennywell Farm, Devon – The Right On Charmer

The jewel of the South West, Pennywell is chockablock with friendly farm animals ready for a good ‘ol cuddle. Quick, hop onto the ‘Pennywell Tractor’ for a fun ride!

Facilities: Organic eats, picnic spots, indoor play barn
How to Get there: Just off the A38, 1 mile south of Buckfastleigh.

2. Bocketts Farm, Surrey – Creatures Comfort Central

Lambs, piglets and baby goats! Bocketts is catnip for kids and grown-ups alike. Be sure not to miss the famous pig race!

Facilities: Play areas, tea shop, tractor rides
How to Get There: Ten minutes from Junction 9, on the M25.

3. Hall Hill Farm, Durham – The Beastly Northern Star

Meet the sheep, hold the rabbits, or cheer during the fun lamb race. This award-winning farm is the heart and charm of County Durham.

Facilities: Tearoom, play barn, outdoor play area
How to Get There: Twenty minutes drive from the centre of Durham.

4. Gorgie City Farm, Edinburgh – A bit of Country in the Capital

City slickers looking for a rural retread will find Gorgie Farm a snug fit. Did we mention the spectaculary peacocks and curious bearded dragons?

Facilities: Education centre, pet lodge, city farming shop
How to Get There: Easily accessible by Lothian buses.

5. White Post Farm, Nottinghamshire – The East Midland’s Pride

With oodles of animals from alpacas to cuddly rabbits, darling, this place is a belter.

Facilities: Park ride, indoor play areas, food court
How to Get There: Situated on the A617 towards Southwell.

6. Cefn Mably Farm Park, Cardiff – The Welsh Wonder

Cefn Mably’s baby chicks and soft rabbits are guaranteed to bring a toothy grin to any toddler.

Facilities: Heated play barn, brewey bistro, picnic areas
How to Get There: Fifteen minutes drive from Cardiff city centre.

7. Chatsworth Farmyard, Derbyshire – The Peek-a-Boo Dales’ Treasure

Known for its captivating beauty, rich history, and charming animals. What’s not to fall in love with, eh?

Facilities: Adventure playground, picnic area, farm shop
How to Get There: Easily reached via routes A6, A619, and A623.

8. Mudchute Park and Farm, London – The Capital’s Countryside

Unbelievable that we’ve got sheep, horses and cows smack dab in the city, but it’s true! This urban farm will leave you gobsmacked.

Facilities: Equestrian centre, café, picnic benches
How to Get There: Walking distance from Canary Wharf or the Crossharbour DLR station.

9. Mead Open Farm, Bedfordshire – The Heartland’s Cutie Patootie

Animals, outdoor fun and play, feeding activities, you name it, they’ve got it. Surely the envy of the three counties!

Facilities: Café bar, play areas, farm shop
How to Get There: Just south of Leighton Buzzard off the Billington Road.

10. Windmill Animal Farm, Lancashire – The Northern Gem

From adorable red squirrels to frisky ferrets, Windmill is sure to enthral. And oh, the minature railway is worth the bother!

Facilities: Indoor playbarn, café, miniature railway
How to Get There: Along the A565, between Liverpool and Southport.

11. Hounslow Urban Farm, London – A Metropolitan Oasis

Just a stone’s throw from the bustling city centre, Hounslow Urban Farm is a sanctuary of serenity and fluffy animals. Be sure to catch the daily bird of prey displays!

Facilities: Café, aviary, animal encounters
How to Get There: Closest tube station is Hatton Cross on the Piccadilly Line.

12. Wroxham Barns, Norfolk – The East Anglia Charm

Farm animals, artisan shopping, and beautiful countryside views, Wroxham Barns is the petting farm that has it all covered. It’s a splendid day out and a proper Norfolk delight!

Facilities: Craft shops, restaurant, mini-golf
How to Get There: Off the A1151, between Wroxham and Hoveton.

13. Fishers Adventure Farm Park, West Sussex – A Southern Delight

From hands-on animal encounters to fantastic rides and incredible playgrounds, Fishers Adventure Farm Park is a fabulous spot for families in West Sussex!

Facilities: Adventure playgrounds, pony rides, café
How to Get There: Easily reached from the A29 near Wisborough Green.

14. National Forest Adventure Farm, Staffordshire – A West Midlands Wonder

It’s not just the cute critters that make this petting farm so enticing – their crop of seasonal events are jolly good fun too!

Facilities: Maize maze, indoor play area, restaurant
How to Get There: Just outside Burton upon Trent, off the A511.

15. Odds Farm Park, Buckinghamshire – Where Animals and Fun Collide

Hands-on feeding activities and cuddle corners, with a delightful bonus of playgrounds and water play, makes Odds Farm Park a surefire hit for a family day out!

Facilities: Tea room, farm shop, water play attractions
How to Get There: Three miles north of Junction 2, on the M40.

A Dog’s Day Out: Petting Farms Near Me in the UK

Alright, pet owners! Thinking of giving your precious pooch a day out to remember? Here are a few petting farms that roll out the welcome mat for your four-legged friends too. Just remember to keep ’em on a leash and be mindful of the farm residents!

1. The Donkey Sanctuary, Devon – The Ultimate Woofday Out

This haven for adorable donkeys also opens its doors to dogs. All they ask is that you keep your four-legged friend on a lead.

Facilities: Café, gift shop, dog bins
How to Get There: Off the A3052, between Sidmouth and Seaton.

2. Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, Yorkshire – The Northern Star

This 24-acre urban farm in Leeds welcomes well-behaved dogs, making it a fantastic city escape for you and your pooch.

Facilities: Coffee shop, wildlife areas
How to Get There: Near the A6120 Ring Road, near Meanwood.

3. Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park, Suffolk – An East Anglia Gem

Home to a wide variety of animals, this well-known Suffolk farm is dog-friendly too. Just don’t forget the lead!

Facilities: Restaurant, wildlife park, woodland walks
How to Get There: Just off the A14 at Wherstead, near Ipswich.

4. Avalon Marshes, Somerset – A West Country Wonder

This nature reserve and rural heritage centre isn’t quite a traditional farm but does welcome dogs. Perfect for nature-loving pup parents!

Facilities: Nature trails, bird hides
How to Get There: Near the town of Street on the A39.

5. Belmont Children’s Farm, London – A Capital Delight

Located in the London Borough of Barnet, this farm asks pet owners to kindly keep their dogs on a lead while exploring.

Facilities: Café, tractor rides, woolly jumpers indoor play barn
How to Get There: Mill Hill in North West London, closest tube station is Mill Hill East.

So, before you head out, do give each venue a quick bell to check their individual dog policy. Now, lace-up those walking shoes, give Fido his lead, and enjoy a barnstorming day out on the farm!

Whether you’re an old hand at country living or a city slicker looking for an idyllic day out with the kiddies, these petting farms near me in UK are just the ticket. Remember, chum, nothing engages the nippers more than meeting, feeding and stroking farm animals firsthand. Let’s get out there and feel feasibly fam-tastic on the farm, shall we?

Top “Petting Farms Near Me” in the UK: An Authentic Experience

Petting Farms Near Me
Petting Farms Near Me

Are you itching for a genuine, human-like take on petting farms around the United Kingdom? As an AI, I strive to capture the essence of a human writing style. Let’s dive into a heartwarming, personalised account of the petting farm experience that you and your loved ones can enjoy together.

Ah, petting farms – those charming havens where we can savour precious moments with adorable farm animals while sneaking in a little education for the youngsters. When searching for “petting farms near me” in the UK, you’re in for something truly magical.

Think about it: imagine the joy on your little ones’ faces as they feed a hungry baby goat for the first time, or the giggles as a playful piglet nuzzles at their leg. There’s a reason why petting farms take a special spot in our hearts – they’re a wholesome way to unite families while promoting a meaningful connection with the beautiful creatures of the earth.

Picture this: it’s a pleasant Saturday morning, your family excitedly gathers into the car, wellies on feet, and hearts full of anticipation. The promise of holding tiny chicks, admiring the majesty of horses, or simply roaming through the lush green fields fills you all with delight. The day ahead is guaranteed to be packed with laughter and heart-warming encounters.

Whether you’re an urban dweller seeking a countryside oasis, an animal lover looking for a nature haven, or a parent eager to combine family fun with education, petting farms offer experiences tailored to every unique need. All you must do is type in “petting farms near me” and let the adventure unfold.

As you embark on your quest to create cherished memories, bear in mind that some petting farms in the UK are seasonal. For example, in the lambing season, farms transform into a celebration of life as baby lambs take their first steps alongside their proud mums.

Now that you’ve got a snippet of what it’s like to embark on the quest for “petting farms near me,” I encourage you to visit some of the magnificent places listed in the previous responses. It’s time to connect with the enchanting creatures of planet earth and forge life-long memories with your loved ones.

Happy petting farm hopping!

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