cat friendly dog breeds in the UK

Looking for Top Cat Friendly Dog Breeds For your Home?

Make no bones about it; introducing a new dog into a family with a pre-established cat monarchy can feel like a bit of a tightrope walk. You might think cats and dogs are sworn enemies, but that’s not the whole truth—far from it. With the right breed choice, patience, and gradual socialisation, these two can become the best of mates.

Bear in mind, don’t just choose a breed, eagerly whisk them home, and expect smooth sailing. Instead, invest some time in finding a pup that’s been socialised with cats or an older dog that’s lived with a feline companion before. Factor in their temperament, energy levels, and innate characteristics to make sure they’re a good fit for your family kitty.

On top of all this, keep allergies in mind. Set up separate spaces for ’em until they’re used to each other’s dander. We would want to avoid a wheezy cat or a sneezing pooch.

Without further ado, here’s our list of 20 Cat Friendly Dog Breeds in the UK known to get along with cats:

  1. The Golden Retriever: Often the gold standard in affability, this breed boils down to one thing—love. Their warm, friendly disposition towards both humans and other animals makes them excellent companions for cats. Quick learners, they usually adapt to cohabiting with cats in no time. So Golden Retriever is #1 among cat friendly dog breeds.
  2. The Labrador Retriever: Just as friendly as their golden cousins, Labs are often great friends with felines. Their laid-back nature combined with loyalty often makes for a buddy-buddy relationship with moggies.
  3. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: These small, regal pups are ideal companions for cats. They’re known for their friendly, easy-going personalities so your kitty can retain the crown while they happily play the court jester.
  4. The Beagle: Originally bred for hunting, these clever hounds are also great at differentiating between their hunting pack and their home pack. Often, Beagles establish a chilled camaraderie with their cat pals, bonding over shared naps and playful banter.
  5. The Bichon Frise: These fluffy cotton balls are one of the friendliest breeds out there. Their cheerful and jovial temperament often wins over even the most sceptical of cats. Vote for Bichon Frise as a favourite in cat friendly dog breeds.
  6. The Poodle: Whether you choose the petite Toy Poodle or the larger Standard Poodle, this breed is known for its intelligence and adaptability. Their quick-witted nature helps them read the room—or the cat—making them a likely candidate for a peaceful multi-pet household.
  7. The Maltese: Ah, these little white beauties truly live up to their lovely, friendly reputation. They have an uncanny knack for socialising and should be more than happy to share their home with a furry feline.
  8. The Boxer: Behind their sturdy, muscular build hides a giant, cuddly teddy bear. At their core, Boxers are patient and protective, often winning over their cat housemates with their affable presence.
  9. The Boston Terrier: Small, gentle, and loving, Boston Terriers can chime perfectly with a cat’s tranquillity. They crave companionship so they should take to their feline friends beautifully.
  10. The Collie: Friendly, intelligent, and affectionate, Collies are a superb choice for a cat-friendly canine. The same breed as TV star Lassie, Collies might just rescue your cat stuck up a tree—with a little training, of course!
  11. The Pug: Known for their cute, wrinkly faces, Pugs are incredibly amicable. Their playful, loving nature is often a good fit with curious cats, making them great housemates.
  12. The Shih Tzu: Ideal for older or quieter cats, the Shih Tzu’s calm and peaceful demeanour often makes the feline’s transition to having a canine buddy a smooth one.
  13. The Newfoundland: Don’t be alarmed by the size of these gentle giants. Newfoundlands are known for their kindness and protective nature, making for furry bodyguards who’ll win your cat over in no time.
  14. The Papillon: Despite their petite physique, Papillons are known for their intelligence and friendliness. They’re well-capable of navigating the tricky waters of getting your cat to be their chum.
  15. Mixed Breed (Heinz 57): Don’t rule out a crossbreed as these lovable mongrels often inherit the best traits from their mixed lineage, making them great cat companions. Shelters often have a good understanding of a dog’s history, so you can find a mixed breed dog that’s had a positive experience with cats, an absolute cracker for multi-pet homes.
  1. The Cocker Spaniel: Any breed with ‘Spaniel’ in its name is a good bet for a cat-inclusive home. Cockers are no exception and it is one of the best in cat friendly dog breeds in the UK. With their pleasing and cheerful nature, they are often very accepting of feline siblings. A spot of tug of war with a toy mouse never goes amiss!
  2. The Bull Terrier: Oh, don’t just go by their muscular looks. These lovable chaps are often very easy-going and friendly. Their tolerance level is usually quite high, making them amicable roommates for a characterful cat.
  3. Border Terrier: This amiable breed hailing from the border regions of England and Scotland are remarkable in their adaptability to other pets. Their keen intelligence and friendly nature often stand them in good stead when sharing a home with cats.
  4. Irish Setters: Known for their gorgeous reddish coats and playful nature, this breed is a riot of fun. Plus, they’re extremely sociable and enjoy the company of other pets. Chances are, they’ll treat a cat not as a rival, but as another player in their game of high-jinks!
  5. The Dachshund: Don’t let their diminutive size and distinct shape fool you – Dachshunds are often surprisingly good at accepting feline roommates. They were initially bred for hunting, but in a cosy home setting, they can become quite chummy with cats.

There you have it. Your guide to the top 20 cat friendly dog breeds by nature. But remember, the breed can only tell you so much – the individual animal’s temperament and history factor in massively.

20 cat friendly dog breeds in the UK
20 cat friendly dog breeds in the UK

Take your time getting to know your potential canine addition at the shelter, or let your pup acclimatise to the hustle-bustle of a multi-pet home.

You’ll soon see how joyous a cat-dog friendship can be, and trust me, your home won’t be the same again—only better! From surprise grooming sessions to tandem sunbathing, warm cuddles during winter, and tail-chasing shenanigans, the bond will warm your heart, making the initial hard work worth the while.

Remember, the key to a peaceful, happy multi-pet home lies in careful breed choice, patient introductions, and socialisation. While looking for cat friendly dog breeds, Have a thorough chat with the shelter or breeder about the dog’s past experiences with cats. It’s also crucial to respect your cat’s space, allowing them to suss out the newcomer in their own time.

Now, even if your chosen breed isn’t on our friendly list, don’t dash your hopes just yet. True companionship often blossoms out of individual bonds – and isn’t limited by breed. Who knows, your staffie might just end up being the Garfield to your ginger feline – sharing the sofa for an afternoon snooze and a cozy TV time!

And I tell ya, there is an ineffable charm about having a home replete with the patter of paws of different sizes. So good luck on your journey to create your animal kingdom with these 20 cat friendly dog breeds! It’s going to be rewarding like no other. Those heart-warming sights of furry cuddles and playful chases will be worth every bit of effort you put into it.

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