Why Does Your Dog Jump On You

Being a dog owner in our glorious UK often means being on the receiving end of an excited jump or two — or a hundred, who’s counting? If you find yourself incessantly googled ‘why do dogs jump?’ and ‘how to stop dogs from jumping‘, you’re definitely not alone, mate.

Let’s dig a little deeper into why our canine companions catch air and how we can encourage more floor-bound behaviour — no more spilled teas and shoe scratches, eh?

Jumping Up Is A Normal, Excited Behaviour

When we’re chuffed, we might do a happy dance. When dogs are enthusiastic, they jump. It’s as straightforward as that. Meeting someone new or seeing an old friend triggers their excitement, leading to those spontaneous, springboard-like leaps.

They’re trying to get closer, make a connection — maybe even peck you on the cheek, so to speak. The more enthusiastic dogs may leap aplenty, while others may limit themselves to the occasional excited surge.

Your Dog Is Trying To Claim You As His Own

In the feral doggie world, jumping is a way of establishing dominance or simply being chummy. When your pet pooch plants paws on you, it’s a dog’s way of saying, “You’re my human, alright!”

Your dog is claiming ownership, setting the boundaries for other pups that might be lurking around. Bit like planting their very own Union Jack, if you will.

How To Avoid Jumping Up On People

It’s time to pull your socks up and sort this out, isn’t it? First on the list is acknowledging good behaviour with rewards. Arriving home to a calm greeting instead of one that involves a surprise broad jump over the living room carpet? That deserves a treat!

Remember, it’s essential to remain consistent with your training. Don’t reward them one day for staying down and then let the jumping slide the next. They’ll get muddled up, and they’ll think it’s alright to keep up with their gymnastics.

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up On You?

When it comes to deterring your dog from taking you for a hurdle, the secret is a stiff upper lip. Deny them the attention they’re seeking — turn your back, cross your arms — let them know it’s not the way to go.

Once they’ve got all four paws firmly on the ground, that’s your cue to give them a reward. Intermittent reinforcements — varying the times at which you give the treat — can work wonders, leading to a more sustained learned behaviour.

There Are Lots Of Reasons Why Some Dogs Jump Up And You Should Learn How To Treat It Before It Gets Out Of Hand

Why Does Your Dog Jump On You
Why Does Your Dog Jump On You

Every dog is a world of its own. They’ve all got their quirks, their idiosyncrasies. And like snowflakes, no two dogs will have the exact same reason to jump up. They could be thrilled to see you, be asserting their dominance, or perhaps, they weren’t properly trained in their formative years.

Identifying the root cause of the jumping on you is half the battle won, mate. Once you’ve identified the trigger, you can tailor your training approach accordingly.

There you have it, a comprehensive look into our canine pals’ leaping habits. Being mindful and patient, with an understanding of our dogs’ natural behaviour, can turn training sessions into a walk in the park (hah!). Here’s to enjoying more tranquil, four-paws-on-the-floor greetings from our beloved dogs!

Roll Up Your Sleeves: 10 Top-Notch Dog Behaviour Trainers In The UK

Tired of your dog stealing sarnies off the counter or barking up a storm from Piccadilly Circus to the Tower Bridge? Worry not! We’ve got you covered with a list of the best dog behaviour trainers from across our lovely UK.

1. The London Dog House

Fancy some savvy dog training in the Big Smoke? The London Dog House takes the lead with its tailored training programmes and passion for turning pups into perfect citizens. Specialising in positive reinforcement, they’ll have your furry friend on their best behaviour in no time!

Charges: From £150 for a one-on-one consultation.

2. Glasgow DOG Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

Venturing further afield into bonnie Scotland, the Glasgow Dog Trainer offers obedience, socialisation, and behavioural training to get your pup in tip-top shape. Renowned for their empathetic approach, your pup is bound to thrive here!

Charges: A flat fee of £399 for a comprehensive 5-week dog training programme.

3. Leaps & Bounds Dog Training Academy (Manchester)

Heading over to the stomping grounds of Oasis and Manchester United, Leaps & Bounds Dog Training Academy provides first-class training using balanced methods designed to cater to all breeds and temperaments. They know how to tackle separation anxiety, jumping and even lunging at joggers!

Charges: Starting from £60 per session for a one-on-one consultation.

4. Refine Your Canine (Birmingham)

From Bull Ring to Bull Terrier, Refine Your Canine based in Brum is your go-to for well-mannered pups. They offer training solutions for recall, leash manners, and even a bit of puppy parenting. This top-notch trainer truly refines those rascals!

Charges: Starting at £50 per hour for private sessions and £99 for a combination of three 1-hour group classes and a 30-minute consultation.

5. Dogs In The City (Liverpool)

Want your dog to be as sharp as the Beatles are at writing tunes? Dogs In The City in Liverpool offers customised training plans in a fab urban environment, with a focus on socialisation, obedience and behaviour modification.

Charges: £40 for an initial assessment, with one-to-one sessions starting at £30 per hour.

6. Premier Dog Training (Cardiff)

No ‘Valleys’ will be left unturned in Wales at Premier Dog Training. Offering a wide array of courses and practical training sessions, your dog will go from zero to hero in jig time. They’ll take care of everything from clicker training to overcoming reactivity!

Charges: Behaviour consultation packages start at £175.

7. Clever Canine (Edinburgh)

The land of kilts and haggis brings you Clever Canine. Using only kind and reward-based dog training methods, this Edinburgh-based training centre hones skills using fun and engaging exercises tailored to the individual needs of each dog. The result? Your pup’s lightbulb moments shining through!

Charges: From £35 per hour for one-to-one sessions.

8. The Dog House (Belfast)

Giving its namesake from across the pond a run for its money is The Dog House in Belfast. Sporting a wide range of classes, seminars and even workshops, your dog will be well on the way to an exemplary canine existence!

Charges: £45 per hour for individual training sessions.

9. Bristol Barkers’ Best Behaviour

Birthplace of Banksy, the city that houses the original Banksy with its magnificent bridge also brings Bristol Barkers’ Best Behaviour. Here, your dog will master the art of good behaviour through private training sessions and puppy classes. They have a nose for turning rowdy dogs into well-behaved pooches!

Charges: Starting at £75 for the first session and £60 for any additional sessions.

10. Newcastle Canine Confidence

Last but not least, up in the toon of Newcastle, you’ll find Newcastle Canine Confidence. From overcoming anxiety to tackling naughty habits, they’ll ensure your dog’s confidence grows one paw at a time. Apartment living, dining out and socialising? Paws-itively no bother!

Charges: From £40 per hour, with £130 for a bundle of four sessions.

With these fantastic dog trainers in our fair isle, you’ll be well on your way toward a harmonious life with your dog. Troublesome behaviour? Behave! Our leading UK Dog trainers have got it sorted so you can revel in the joy of a well-trained pup!

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