Marmoset Capuchin Monkeys for sale .. 447308659604

Marmoset Capuchin Monkeys for sale .. 447308659604


  • Category: Monkey
  • Neutered: Yes


Marmoset  Monkeys for sale .. viber +447308659604
Marmoset Monkeys for sale 447308659604
The babies we have are very smart and friendly with children and other
households pets like cats, dogs, birds, etc. They put on clothes,
diapers and they are 13 weeks 5 days old now.
They answer their names.
We have both male and female marmoset monkeys
When I’m at work, I keep the babies in their cage with food and water.
When I get home, I let the babies move around the house freely.
They will also come with their cage.
They are the common marmosets.

Please contact us if interested me on viber via 447308659604

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