Can Hamsters Eat Cheese

Cheese has long been associated with rodents in popular culture, and it’s largely thanks to cartoon depictions that this notion took hold. But is there any truth that rodents genuinely fancy a nice bit of cheese? While some small creatures rather do seem keen on the stuff, the reality is more nuanced. If your question is Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?

Take hamsters, those adorable tailed chapss often portrayed as snippy snackers. Cheese does indeed appear on the menu of nibbles and treats that tempting wee beasties enjoy.

Yet one must question whether such snacks are entirely sensible. In moderate portions cheese may pose no harm, but there are far better options for keeping a fellow’s hamster hale and hearty.

Can Hamsters Eat Cheese? Is Cheese a Good Healthy Option for Hamsters?

Yes, In small amounts cheese can be alright for wee hamsters, but it’s not a necessity in their diet. Hammies are omni-munchers who enjoy a spread of nutrition. In the wild they feast on seeds, grains, grass, and the odd insect or two. Thank heavens balanced commercial chow is available nowadays – it ensures pet hammies get all their daily vitamins and minerals from pellets or mixes.

Many hams just adore the taste of cheese, but it can be a mite rich as it’s high in fat and sodium. If your wee friend seems to fancy it and tolerate occasional bits, once or twice a week you could give a pea-sized portion.

Choose lower fat, lower salt varieties like cottage cheese or mozzarella. Steer clear of the more pungent offerings like aged cheddar, parmesan, and processed plastics. And for goodness sake no blue or Stilton varieties, as those mouldy numbers may cause a kerfuffle.

If your hammie loves it, cheese can be tops for training or medicating. But only give it sparingly.

At a minimum little fellows should consume half their diet as packaged hamster grub and the other half raw veg – things like kale, spinach, dandelions, and broccoli are tops.

Here is a table comparing the nutritional values of some common cheeses that hamsters may be offered:

Type of Cheese Fat (g) Protein (g) Sodium (mg)
Cottage cheese, low-fat 1.5g 13g 160mg
Mozzarella 6g 7g 110mg
Cheddar, reduced fat 6g 7g 160mg
Parmesan, grated 30g 20g 670mg
Processed cheese slice 8g 8g 260mg
Blue cheese 32g 6g 570mg

Side effects while Providing Cheese for Hamsters in diet

While cheese itself won’t do any damage to hammies, too much can certainly cause a kerfuffle. Some wee souls tolerate dairy better than others – others may end up with a dodgy tummy via vomiting or the scutters.

If you’re unsure how your hamster will react, start by giving the tiniest of bits and keeping an eye out for any digestive distress. Gradually work up slowly to a pea-sized portion at a time only if no problems arise.

Can Hamsters Eat Cheese Balls
Can Hamsters Eat Cheese Balls

Cheese can also pack on the pounds quite easily if given excessively, especially richer types of cheese. Too much sodium whether from cheese or savory snacks risks dehydration or issues with their little kidneys over time.

It’s awfully cute when those chubby cheekies get stuffed to the brim! But soft options like oozey cheese run the risk of getting stuck.

So while all hams seem keen to pack it into their pouches, none too pleased if unable to properly retrieve it later. Best avoid leaving any remnants they may try hoarding away, as it wouldn’t be too long before going off in their nesting area.

Small portions sparingly seems to be the wise approach if including cheese amongst their treats. Their health must come before our amusement watching their stuffed faces!

What to do if Hammy Has an Overdose of Dairy

Accidents do occur from time to time, so don’t fret too much if you find your hammy’s had more than their share of cheese! A spot or two of extra dairy likely won’t cause lasting harm.

Still, it’s wise to keep an eye out for signs of tummy troubles like lethargy, being sickly, the runs, or off their food. And do contact an exotic vet straight away if symptoms arise and linger – better safe than sorry with our small furry friends.

These short-faced critters are prone to hoarding snacks for later, so goodness knows where any surplus cheese may be tucked away. Best do a thorough search of their habitat and bedding just in case, binning anything you find stowed away.

If you’re ever unsure about including dairy in your hammy’s diet, it’s likely best just to forgo treats of that type altogether. Opt instead for healthier goodies they’re better able to digest. With the right kinds of nibbles provided in moderation from now on, I’m sure that tummy will settle in no time. Take care with portions going forward – their wellbeing is worth more than any momentary amusement! We have answered the question Can Hamsters Eat Cheese?  

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