Magnificent Diaper & House Trained Baby Monkeys For Sale

  • September 23, 2023 3:43 am
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Magnificent Diaper & House Trained Baby Monkeys For Sale


  • Category: Monkey
  • Neutered: Yes


Our Capuchin Monkeys are super gentle, healthy, love everybody and are very beautiful with rich colors and hair-coat. Our monkey parent breeders were carefully selected for health, beauty, a stable loving temperament, ability to train and these traits are passed on to the babies born and carefully raised in our home. We will only sell our babies to good homes. Please kindly call for more details if you are interested in these Capuchin babies.

We have the highest quality, best-socialized babies available and the most comprehensive after-sales support program available including training techniques, diet prep, and info, we provide full ongoing after-sale support, cage design, and all facets of care.

**included with each baby placed is free lifetime veterinary consultation and monkey college 101 courses*

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