Lovely and amazing Capuchin Monkeys

Lovely and amazing Capuchin Monkeys


  • Category: Monkey
  • Neutered: Yes


We have two adorable Baby Face Capuchin Monkeys that are housebroken.My wife and I nurture them both at home and feed them by hand. We lavish them with attention and treat them beyond measure. They are all in excellent health, have been weaned and trained to use diapers, are eager to leave, and are excellent eaters.They will be accompanied by a medical document and have undergone a vet examination.Accessories for pets, such as blankets, diapers, dresses, toys, beginning kits, and various items for feeding young monkeys, are included with pets. They are playful with children and other household animals, which makes them ideal housemates. You can SMS us at +44 7361607997 on WhatsApp.


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