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Looking for cattery near me for your loved kitten?

Good day, everybody! Let’s have a chinwag about catteries, those fine abodes where our feline companions are tended to while we’re away. So, you’ve been busy searching ‘cattery near me’ or perhaps, ‘best cattery near me?’ Let’s whisk you across some of the UK’s top catteries, from North to South encompassing luxury, budget-friendly options, and everything in between.

1. Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Group

If you’re after ‘luxury cattery near me’ for your kittens, then this posh option is sure to tickle your fancy. With locations sprinkled across the UK, these folks make your kitty feel like royalty – cosy bespoke suites, gourmet menus and they even offer ‘A La Cat’ services like grooming and a welcome home service.

With great public transport links, most Longcroft hotels are easily accessible via train or bus. Just remember to book in advance during peak holiday seasons.

2. The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, Dewsbury

Regarded as one of the best catteries near Leeds, the Ings shines with individual climate-controlled rooms, playtimes, and even storytime for your cats. Easy to get to, this hotel sits just a stone’s throw away from the M62. They’re a friendly bunch, always ready to give your cat top-notch care.

3. Cats22 Cattery, Oxfordshire

Perhaps you’re searching for ‘cheap cattery near me’? Well, this family-run cattery offers affordable prices without compromising on quality. A short journey from Thame or Bicester, they’re accessible via the A418. They have bright, cosy cat cabins and garden views that your cat will thoroughly enjoy.

4. Hilltop Cattery, Birmingham

When thinking of ‘cattery costs near me‘, look towards Hilltop for good value. Their friendly, professional service coupled with clean and comfortable cat stables ensures top-level care. Conveniently situated just ten minutes from the Birmingham city centre, this cattery is easily reachable via local bus services.

5. The Meow Hotel, Derby

Another great choice when you’re googling ‘best cattery near me’, this Derby-based hotel is famed for its boutique service. Catering to your cat’s needs round the clock, they provide private rooms and secure play areas. Set amid the tranquillity of Derby’s suburbia, the Meow Hotel can be reached easily by car from Derby’s city centre.

6. Pawz Cattery, Edinburgh

If you’re in Scotland and need a ‘cattery near me’, Pawz Cattery comes laden with stellar recommendations. With an ‘All-Inclusive’ fee that covers accommodation, food, heat, and insurance, they offer excellent service at reasonable rates. It is located just 20 minutes from the heart of Edinburgh via the A7.

From luxury lodges to those that won’t hurt the purse strings much, the UK’s cattery scene is as diverse as it’s exceptional. So, don’t fret about ‘cattery costs near me’ – we have options aplenty! Now, when you hear ‘cattery near me’, you’ll be ready to pick one matching your preference. After all, our feline friends deserve nothing but the best, right? Cat’s pyjamas, indeed!

More Cattery Near Me Across the UK: Pampering Destinations for Your Feline Companions

luxury cattery near me in UK
Luxury Cattery Near Me in UK

As you search for that perfect purlieu to keep your feline friend content whilst you’re away, you’ll no doubt come across terms like ‘best cattery near me’ or ‘luxury cattery near me’. Here, we’ll show you a few more splendid establishments from our fine shores that’ll ensure your whiskered companions are well-cared for, cozy, and indulged like the regal creatures that they are!

7. Aristocats Luxury Cat Hotel, Cheshire

If you reside in the North West, seeking ‘cattery near me’ may lead you to this beautiful cat hotel in Cheshire. With units fit for feline royalty, including heated bedrooms and soothing music for each furry guest, Aristocats is a stunning option. Conveniently located just off the M56, it’s an easy drive from Chester, Warrington, or Northwich.

8. New Forge House Cattery, London

As a Londoner, if you’re asking ‘luxury cattery near me‘, New Forge House, nestled in the London Borough of Enfield, is a top-tier choice. Offering luxury accommodation with individually heated chalets, large play pens, and additional services like grooming, it’s the ultimate urban cat retreat. Easily accessible by car or a short bus ride from Enfield town centre.

9. Woodlands Lodge Cattery, Devon

Sometimes, ‘cattery costs near me’ may have your brows furrowed in concern. But at Woodlands Lodge, prices are pocket-friendly, yet the facilities remain top-quality. This countryside retreat offers clean, cozy lodgings for cats, with areas for them to explore and perch. It’s perfectly placed on the A379 between Exeter and Dawlish, an easy journey by car.

10. Carrs Cattery, East Lothian

For those up in bonnie Scotland, Carrs Cattery near North Berwick is an establishment remarkable for its personal touch and welcoming atmosphere. It’s an ideal choice when browsing for ‘cheap cattery near me’. Located within a tranquil farmland setting, it’s a short drive from the A198.

11. Westlodge Kennels & Cattery, Belfast

A trusted choice for ‘cattery near me’ in Northern Ireland, Westlodge offers comfortable accommodations with heated indoor and outdoor runs, ensuring your cat has ample space to roam. Located just off the B38, Westlodge is a convenient 20-minute drive from Belfast city centre.

12. Vale Cottage Cattery, Cardiff

If it’s ‘pampered cattery near me’ that you’re after in Wales, Vale Cottage is a heavenly choice. With ample space, underfloor heating, and personal care given to each of its furry residents, it’s an idyllic hideaway for your cat. Accessed via the A48, it’s a 30-minute drive from Cardiff city centre.

The UK’s myriad of cattery options proves that our love for feline friends knows no bounds. So, whether you’re considering ‘cattery costs near me‘ or on the hunt for more luxurious cat-sitters, the perfect kitty care retreat is just a whisker away. Journey on with confidence, and bask in the knowledge that when you say ‘cattery near me’, your feline companion will find their purr-fect home-away-from-home. Huzzah, what a delight!

The Great Outdoor Run Cattery Quest: UK’s Splendid Catteries at Your Behest

Greetings again, dear cat lovers! Is the thrum of wanderlust heard through the purring of your adventurous kitties? If the puzzling query ‘cattery with outdoor run near me’ is in your mind, well, worry no more, for today we embark on a marvellous journey through the best of the UK’s catteries boasting splendid outdoor runs!

1. Posh Paws Cattery, Newcastle upon Tyne

So, you’re seeking a ‘cattery with outdoor run near me’ and perchance, find yourself in the North East? Posh Paws Cattery provides a glorious blend of indoor comfort with outdoor freedom. Just off the A696, it’s a convenient location when you’re after a cattery with an outdoor run in the UK.

2. The Cat’s Whiskers Cattery, Essex

This charming establishment in the delightful tranquil Essex countryside has got your ‘cattery with outdoor run’ needs covered. Located just minutes away from the M11, it offers a peaceful retreat with individual outdoor runs for your kitty’s exploration desires.

3. Fieldview Cattery, Leeds

Nestled within the hills of West Yorkshire, Fieldview is an excellent choice when you’re typing ‘cattery with outdoor run near me’ in search engines. A short ride from Leeds city centre, your cat’s outdoor rambles will be well catered to here.

4. Hazel Bank Cattery, Glasgow

Searching for a cattery with an outdoor run in the Scotland region? This well-respected establishment on the outskirts of Glasgow offers spacious enclosures and outdoor runs for your whiskered wards. Located on the B765, Hazel Bank is easily accessible for Glaswegians.

5. Holly Meadows Cattery, Somerset

If you’re in the southwest, musing over ‘cattery with outdoor run near me’, check out Holly Meadows. Its individual chalets with secure outdoor runs provide for an idyllic cat holiday. Positioned just off the A39, it makes an easy touch down point for folks in Bridgwater.

6. Kitty Comforts Cattery, Cardiff

When your search extends to ‘cattery with outdoor run near me’ in Wales, Kitty Comforts Cattery steps in with safe and stimulating outdoor runs. This family-run haven is a stone’s throw away from the M4, offering easy access for those in Cardiff.

7. Home from Home Cattery, Hertfordshire

Feline fun abounds at this country haven with individual chalets and spacious, secure outdoor areas. Conveniently located near junction 9 off the A1(M), Home from Home Cattery is just a hop, skip, and jump away from Letchworth Garden City. Surely, a purr-fect location when seeking ‘cattery with outdoor run near me’!

8. White Gate Cattery, Manchester

With a delightful blend of countryside charm and city accessibility, White Gate Cattery’s individual cat houses each sport a large secure outdoor run. Accessible from the M60 motorway, it’s an outdoor cat lover’s paradise in the Greater Manchester area.

9. Cats’ Castle Cattery, Staffordshire

Set amid the bucolic charm of Staffordshire‘s woodlands, Cats’ Castle offers outdoor runs for each of its residents, providing ample space for frolicking and exploring. Easily reachable via the A34, the cattery makes for a fantastic open air retreat.

10. The New Forest Cattery, Hampshire

The name’s a giveaway, isn’t it? This Hampshire gem is nestled within the New Forest National Park, providing splendid outdoor runs with fresh forest air. A mere 5 minutes from the M27, it makes for an idyllic option when pondering ‘outdoor run cattery near me’.

11. Rural Ridge Cattery, Cheshire

Fresh countryside air, clean and spacious cabins, and delightful outdoor runs await your fluffy friends at Rural Ridge Cattery. A convenient 20-minute drive from Chester’s city centre, the cattery offers the scenic Cheshire outdoors for your cat’s enjoyment.

12. Kitty Cabins Cattery, West Sussex

When it comes to pleasant settings and superb open-air runs, Kitty Cabins deserves all the accolades. Located on the Balcombe Road, it’s an easy drive from Crawley, ensuring your cat’s countryside holiday is just a stone’s throw away.

So, bid adieu to those never-ending searches of ‘cattery with outdoor run near me‘ and rejoice, for the great British outdoors beckons to our curious, whiskered companions! With our list in hand, it’s your turn to choose from the smorgasbord of ‘cattery with outdoor run’ options across our fair isles. So, all hail the outdoor explorers. Your quest leads to a cat’s delight in high spirits! Let the next cat escapade begin!

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