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Overall, Border Collies have a lively and agreeable nature, making them an ideal option for a household companion. As long as they are properly introduced, these dogs tend to thrive alongside both children and other animals. Looking for Border Collie puppies for sale from top border collie puppy breeders in UK, Yes we have them Browse below.

Border collie price

Take the risk and purchase an unregistered pup from a farm for £150-£400. Or, opt for a pup from a Border Collie breeder for a price range of £300-£750 and hope that your pup does not require veterinary care. Alternatively, invest in a well-bred Border Collie puppy from a reputable breeder you have thoroughly researched, with prices ranging from £600 to £1500. This option decreases the likelihood of needing veterinary attention. We have other puppies for sale in our website

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