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Welcome to! As the UK’s go-to platform for purchasing and rehoming an exceptional variety of pets, is your one-stop destination for purchasing and re-homing an extensive array of beautiful companion animals ranging from rare exotic capuchin monkeys to cute bengal kittens and British shorthair kittens – plus many others such as golden retrievers, French Bulldogs and Pomeranian puppies! Our classified ads also showcase faithful companions. connects buyers and sellers across the UK, creating an active community dedicated to animals as companions. We also offer adoption options, supporting responsible pet ownership. Petsloo makes finding your perfect companion pet easier than ever – one click away.

Visit now to let us help you to find the pets for sale in UK that you have always longed for, or help your new family member find its new ideal home! It is more than a pet marketplace – Petsloo serves as a hub of pet lovers throughout UK!

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!!WANTED!! Pygmy Marmoset.

Neutered Yes
A good home waiting
£300 £350


Neutered No


Neutered Yes
No Items Available

Serving Pet Lovers’ Needs via

Reared in the heart of United Kingdom, here in old Blighty, we’ve had a long-standing love affair with our pets. Our cottages, flats, and semis are never quite complete without our cherished four-legged, feathered, or scaled chums completing the picture. It is with this classic, understated British love for animals, that a platform such as genuinely comes to the fore.

Existing in the digital sphere as a comforting manor house for all things pet related, caters to pet lovers throughout the UK with a flourish that can only be compared to the loving wag of a dog’s tail. This website serves as the perfect classifieds platform, showcasing a diverse assortment of pets ready for adoption, from sprightly marmoset monkeys to beautifully golden retrievers and everything in between. – A Comprehensive Pet Marketplace

Stepping into is like traversing the pet equivalent of the Cotswolds. No matter where you reside in the UK, be it Scotland’s unyielding highlands, the charming valleys of Wales, or the bustling urban tapestry of England, Petsloo has got it covered.

Pets for Sale in UK
Pets for Sale in UK

Its simple and understandable user interface ensures people from Portsmouth to Antrim can easily navigate to find their perfect new companion. This ease of access coupled with the vast variety makes an invaluable hub for UK pet-seekers.

Why List Your Pets on

Listing pets on is akin to posting a letter in the Royal Mail – it’s smooth, reliable, and reaches any corner of the kingdom. There are numerous reasons why Petsloo stands out as a paragon of pet classifieds.

  • Extensive Reach: As a well-recognised pet sale platform throughout the UK, your listings gain immediate, unrivalled visibility across all regions.
  • Diverse Audience: Petsloo caters to a broad spectrum of potential owners, increasing the chances of finding the perfect match for your pet.
  • Ease of Use: The simple and straightforward process to list pets makes it ideal for users of all digital experience levels.
  • Quality Assurance: An emphasis on approved, quality listings ensures that pets find safe, loving, and responsible homes.

These qualities make an excellent place to list pets for sale, ensuring they find the very best homes across our fair islands. At the end of the day, it’s all about making perfect matches and helping pet lovers’ dreams come true, one adorable creature at a time. – A Place to Discover Love in all Shapes and Sizes

Dearest pet enthusiasts spanning the UK’s geological and cultural expanse, allow me to introduce you to your one-stop-shop, your sanctuary in the bustling digital realm:

  • Puppies: Get ready to meet the most charming citizens of Canine County! Listings run from the loyal Golden retrievers to the adorable Shih Tzu and our very own, courageously cute, pure breed Staff Pups – all enjoying a romp in the British countryside, ready to add that dash of love to your home.
  • Kittens: Adore those enchanting feline gazes? Petsloo is home to a variety of precious kittens. From playful Moggies to our regal Persians, all desiring a warm lap to curl onto.
  • Monkeys: In the exotic corners of Petsloo, the cheeky Marmoset and supremely intelligent Capuchin monkeys await. Renowned for their playful antics and engaging personalities, they are ready for pet owners who fancy the unique, the playful, and the quirky.
  • Hedgehogs: The stars of Beatrix Potter’s tales don’t have anything on our real-life prickly pals. Full of character and just waiting for those quiet nights in front of the fire.
  • Indoor Birds: From lilting melodies to dramatic plumage – our indoor avian darlings span the African Grey Parrots, the radiant Blue and Gold Macaws. No better way to add a touch of the exotic to your living room.
  • Snakes and Lizards: For fellow pet seekers who enjoy the quiet composure of a scaled companion, take a gander at a variety of critters. They proudly promenade, each with its unique charm.

Each listing on is like a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered. Get ready to browse, encounter your perfect match, and embark on a wonderful journey of pet companionship, no matter where on our green and pleasant land you call home.

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